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Three Sisters Gardens is a 501(C)(3), nonprofit organization bringing community members together to grow food and lives.


For many of you, the CSA relationship between you and your farm (that’s us!) is a new experience.  Unlike shopping at the grocery store for produce each week, you have a direct relationship with your farmer.  CSA members pay in advance for a share of the upcoming harvest and are ensured high-quality local produce, and we the farm are ensured a consistent and secure market. Everything in the weekly CSA share is grown with great care (and love) on our fields and delivered to your neighborhood drop-off point just hours after harvest. 


Weekly (for 30 weeks) or monthly (1 box a week for four weeks) delivery/pickup of seasonal organic vegetables, fruits and herbs bursting with flavor and freshly harvested from our fields. Three Sisters Gardens also offers a single box (one time order) and gift subscriptions are also available for all options.

Invitations to TSG Member events, farm workshops, gardening and cooking classes, potlucks,  as well as our annual Spring and Fall farm open house so you can see where your food is grown and meet the people who produce it.


Eat locally – Fresher food (24 hours from our farm fields to you!) No warehouses, middleman, long-distance food travel.

Support the local economy – Our farm supports local businesses and provides jobs and education for future farmers.

Secure a safe, transparent & reliable food source – We are the farmers you can trust. Come see our fields, ask us your questions. We maintain the highest food safety standards to ensure that your food is properly grown, harvested, and handled before it gets to you.

Can the single box be ordered weekly?

“Cream of the Crop” single boxes are offered primarily gifts or as a donation to someone in need. If you want to receive our items on a regular schedule please join either the full year or monthly share programs.

If boxes can be ordered weekly which day of the week do orders need to be in by?

Order cutoff are Wednesdays at 5 pm for delivery the following Sunday and Monday.

Which day of the week are boxes delivered/to be picked up?

Three Sisters Gardens will harvest all farms Sundays and Mondays. Delivery’s and pickups will be available between 10 am and 1 pm and 3 pm and 5 pm on both Sunday and Monday.

Can previous weeks empty boxes be returned for reuse?

In compliance with current health and safety recommendations during the COVID 19 pandemic TSG will not be reusing boxes. 

How big is the share? How many will it feed?

“Cream of the Crop” full veggie box service works like this. Each box includes 6-7 different types of vegetables harvested less than 48 hours before delivery or pick up. 

Is there a cost difference between pick-up and delivery?

Yes TSG charges a delivery fee to cover the extra costs associated with delivery service.

What does our "Cream of the Crop" CSA program support?

The “Cream of the Crop” CSA program support the Three Sisters Gardens core mission of giving back to the community by inspiring and empowering youth through gardening. Like the Three Sisters legend of companionship planting, Three Sisters Gardens believes that our communities can begin to heal and thrive when all components, the youth, adults, and elders are working together as one.

Do you offer half shares?

We offer split shares!  It’s the same as a half share, but better because you receive the full box, just every other week.  You can find a share partner yourself (neighbor, co-worker, friend), or contact the farm and we can try to find one for you.  You alternate your pick-ups with your partner every other week.  The produce is so fresh, it should last you well into your second week as long as you store it properly in your fridge.  We’ll help you figure out the best way to store your produce, don’t worry!

Can I Choose what's in my share box?

Our farm share program is an authentic CSA, meaning that the weekly shares are farmer’s choice!  We harvest what’s at its peak each picking day and every share member receives the same box.  This is the most efficient way to farm, as it keeps our costs down (and your share price down) and keeps waste to a minimum.  “Cream of the Crop” includes a mixture of what is most available each week however you may choose to exclude any items you want and remaining items will be increased to fulfill the order.

Is "Cream of the Crop" CSA a good $ deal?

If you’re looking to eat more local, organic veggies, and save money, then CSA is a good deal.  We price our shares to cover our cost of production.  Since you’re buying directly from the farm, there are no middlemen, and no extra handling.  And that savings is passed along to you. Not to mention the satisfaction of knowing that you are part of a larger community of members who care about local, quality, earth-friendly sources of food.

How do I sign up?

We’re so excited that you want to become a part of our CSA community and enjoy all of our fresh, organic produce! Please visit Our CSA Program page to join!

When does the CSA start and the dates of the pick-ups? Will I receive some sort of notification?

The season is scheduled for 30 weeks from June into December.

The start-up dates can be found on the Our CSA tab. 

Contact Us

Do you have more questions?  We’re always happy to answer them!  Contact the farm at info@3sistersgardens.com or 916-291-8595


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