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Written by Alfred MelborneAlfred

February 12, 2020

Planting Justice (PJ), Three Sisters Gardens, and Yisrael Family Farm are thrilled to be partnering with the City of Sacramento to transform the former City Tree Nursery property into what will become a nationally significant center for urban agriculture, social entrepreneurship, multi-faceted bio-diversity, youth mentorship, and farmer training.

Together, this coalition will create living-wage green jobs, youth employment opportunities, a variety of educational opportunities on sustainability and health, and healthy food access for years to come.

Primary Goals and Objectives:

Create a uniquely beautiful and successful production and retail nursery (purview of Planting Justice), that creates dignified living-wage jobs in the community, generates most of the revenue needed to support itself long-term, and fuels Sacramento’s various communities with access to nutrient-dense and climate-resilient trees, shrubs, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and native plants.

The nursery includes roughly 1.2 acres of outdoor field production (Shade Houses #1-3), 7,000 sq ft of indoor greenhouse production (Greenhouses #1-2), and more than ¼ acre of nursery retail (“Lathe House Annuals Retail” and “5 Gallon Tree Area”). Finally, the nursery includes a shipping area and checkout area, adjacent to the parking lot, to accommodate onsite and online customers.

The nursery can also become a retail outlet for local crafts-makers and artisans utilizing natural and non-toxic materials, such as Sacramento-made soaps, essential oils, jam, honey, and other value-added products.

Create a uniquely beautiful and successful production farm (the purview of Three Sisters Gardens) on 1-acre (“In-Ground Field Production Area”). The farm will grow nutrient-dense, medicinal vegetables, and herbs, including native foods, that will be distributed not only to restaurants and CSA members paying full price, but also to low-income elders, adults, and youth for free/sliding scale. The local community will also have access to fresh produce through at least once or twice weekly community farm stands.

We hope you are interested in supporting this exciting new project!

Life-Enriching Educational Programming. Beyond creating good jobs and economic livelihood, the site’s impacts will spread much further through community engagement, outreach, and educational opportunities for many hundreds of local residents.

Each of the three organizational partners will utilize the entirety of the outdoor and indoor facilities to offer regular educational programming that gives participants life-long skillsets for growing, sourcing, cooking, and sharing good food.

This includes employment and life-skills related to ecological design, farming, landscaping, plant propagation and horticulture, backyard kitchen gardens, irrigation, water harvesting, shipping and retail, customer service, nutrition, culinary arts, and more.
















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