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January 2019 To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow 
Greeting Friends!
We hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and that the new year brings you health and happiness. 
We here at Three Sisters Gardens are excited for the growth that 2019 has in store. And we thank you for your continued support and faith in us. 
We would like to send a special thanks to our friends and allies who helped make Three Sisters Garden first annual Tamale Dinner Fundraiser a huge success.
The proceeds are going a long way towards new garden tools for the upcoming harvest season. We are also using a portion of the proceeds to prepare our new sites for the spring/summer crops. 

Check out the January 2, 2019 issue of the News-Ledger West Sacramento for a great front page story featuring the fundraising event. 
Pests the Garden, Oh No!

During the summer season we had a bug problem that threatened the corn crop. Before we began to even wonder what to do, mother nature sent us two little chicken friends from a neighbors house. They showed up all on their own and organically took care of those pests, and the corn flourished. It was an amazing sight to see. Truly mother nature at her finest. 

This season however, we met some new veggie predators. The Slugs. These guys are evasive, sneaky and they have an insatiable appetite. Our little chicken friends went home for the cold season, so this was a battle we had to fight on our own.We tried every organic solution we could think of, including suggestions from friends. We even went as far as to go out at night when these hungry little guys are most active, in an attempt to hunt them them down by hand, one by one! 

It took weeks, but we finally gained some control over the situation. We aren't sure which method was most successful or if it was a combination of our efforts, but we are relieved. The crop is recovering and the veggies have survived thus far. 
However the battle is not totally won. If you've experienced this problem please share your story with us through email or on our Facebook page. This entire process is a learning experience for us and we appreciate any advice our friends can offer!
Whats Growing on in the Garden
Garlic is a very common ingredient in meals all over the world. it adds a unique flavor and its super easy to grow. 
But did you know that garlic also has a wealth of health benefits? the medicinal benefits of garlic have been known since ancient times, and science has proven that theres even more to get out of benefit than we've ever known.
Garlic slows the growth of cancer and helps reduce the risk of heart disease.Garlic helps digestion, boosts immunity, deuces fatigue, and enhances performance. Garlic helps relieve pain from arthritis and fights fungus. The analgesic properties in garlic help sooth pain from tooth infections and fights off tooth decay. Garlic can even be used topically on bites or rashes caused by allergic reactions. 
Pick up some Three Sisters garlic and enjoy this simple garlic butter on your toast, steak, seafoods or steamed veggies for an extra yummy health boost! 

Quick and Easy Garlic Butter 
Simply beat 1-2 large cloves of garlic (crushed and minced) into 1/2 cup of softened butter. Spread to taste and enjoy 
There are many ways to get involved with Three Sisters Gardens and we appreciate all you have to offer. Financially, physically and intellectually your contributions are what make this is success. Please visit us on Facebook and fill out our volunteer survey so that we an make sure you et the most out of your time with us. Whether you have expertise to sharer you want to learn with us, you are all welcome. We look forward to every chance e get to work with our friends, and meet new one. 
This is what community looks like. 
For work days and events please follow us on Facebook 
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The mission of Three Sisters Gardens is to teach at risk youth how to grow/harvest/distribute organic vegetables and engage the community to get involved in supporting the at risk youth population in Yolo County.

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