With honor and respect to all living things

Our Mission

Three Sisters Gardens’ main goal is to give back to the community by inspiring and empowering youth through gardening. Like the Three Sisters legend of companionship planting, Three Sisters Gardens believes that our communities can begin to heal and thrive when all components, the youth, adults and elders are working together as one.

How we got started.

Starting from a donated plot, early Three Sisters Gardens volunteers began caring for the land. Disuse had left the soil hard and uneven. Only grass remained but there was evidence of once living tomatillos, hinting at the site’s potential for growing again.

A lot of trash had gathered on the dormant land, and after clearing it and the grasses we found the soil was too hard to begin without major tilling.

With persistence, the soil became workable and test samples showed sufficiency for basic nutrients. This land would be producing life once again.

With rows made and drip lines run, the land was finally prepared to support the life we expected to grow. Seeds were chosen by their nature of support for each other.

Corn, squash, beans, tomatoes, sunflowers, mint, cucumber and watermelon were planted and nurtured. Support for the life of these plants gave us inspiration to keep watch over their space and nutrients. Given some sun and time we saw the plants come up to join us.

Legacy tomatillos survived the desolation of the land’s disuse and sprouted alongside our chosen crops as welcome guests.

After the plants had grown came the harvest party, community and volunteers gathered around the garden to witness what could come from the land. Like our own lives, plants and people need stability and nutrients from where we survive and grow.

For our Community

Community Supported Agriculture

Subscribers to our CSA program can pick up a box of freshly harvested seasonal vegatables at the farm each week. Sign up to recieve a email list with the current produce available. Our no commitment membership allows you to opt out when ever you choose. We will do our very best to customize your box to get you the greatest value. Cost is on a sliding scale, and delivery is available for a small fee if applicable.

We are proud to partner with other quality local farmers and orchards to bring you your one stop produce destination. 

Inspiring Our Youth

Above all else, Three Sisters Gardens priority is to inspire our youth to learn the amazing things they are capable of. Through the empowering act of growing thier own food, the selfless act of sharing with the less fortunate, and the healthy meaningful connections they will make at Three Sisters Gardens, we aim to help our youth find the power in themselves. 

We don’t only intend to grow healthy vegetables with our participants, we will also guide them into understanding the benefits of eating healthier, and respecting the enviornment. 

Organically Grown, Environmentally Responsible

We use only responsible organic farming methods. Zero chemicals or pesticides.  We compost our green waste and use cover crops for soil enrichment. Our  methodically planned out irrigation system conserves water. Most of our work including low till bed preps and harvesting is done with manual garden tools, to minimize the impact on our land. 

 We value and respect Mother Earth and all living things.


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