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From the start Three Sisters Gardens has been embraced and supported by our local community.

Our volunteers have come from all over and they bring a wealth of skills and knowledge, but most importantly they bring good and positive energy.

From local political leaders to the small children who live nearby, every person is a vital part of our community and our vision.

Three Sisters Gardens is a place of learning and support. The successful participant of our program will move up to roles of leadership, sharing what they’ve learned with those who follow after them.

This is what community looks like!

Three Sisters Gardens is a registered non profit organization run entirely from donations, grants and the generosity of our community.

Financial contributions are always helpful, but there are many other ways for you to support the program.

Individuals with skills in clerical support, grant writing , research, social media and outreach leading workshops, farm operations and any applicable talents are always needed and greatly appreciated.

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